HRAM Board

Committee Co-Chair Position

Thank you for your interest in joining our HRAM Board.  

Position Summary:

Co-chair a volunteer committee and relay information back to the HRAM office in a timely fashion.

Responsible To:

  1. The members of the chapter
  2. The HRAM Executive Board


  • Maintain a record of attendance and prepare the minutes of all monthly committee meetings.
  • Attend HRAM programming throughout the year.  Timeline of Events
  • Represent the chapter in the Human Resources community.
  • Other duties will apply based on committee expectations.

Resources Available:

  • SHRM supplies the following resources for Chapter Secretaries

Co-Chair Perks

You can receive numerous perks for sitting on the board.

  1. Attendance at the SHRM Nebraska Leadership Conference (held in January each year) - Paid for by the State Council
  2. HRAM Dues paid for the year and recognition letter to "boss" for serving on the board
  3. Chairs responsible for a chapter program are registered and paid for by HRAM (max two) 
    1. Government Affairs and Diversity
  4. 3 Complimentary Technical Sessions with paid lunch/keynote ($15 off $40 rate)

Online Application

Please fill out the application below and you will be contact shortly after with more information on how the decision process will proceed.

This position requires:

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