Membership FAQ

What are HRAM's dues? 

All dues are based on a calendar year commencing January 1st and expiring on December 31st. The dues cover only the cost of membership and do not include the costs associated with monthly meeting attendance and meals or registration fees involved with any other HRAM events. 

Depending on the time of the year you join, there are various membership options available:

18-Month Membership (2013)

July 1 – December 31
$125 for SHRM members
$135 for non-SHRM members

Annual Dues 
(starting January 2014)

January 1 – December 31
$90 for SHRM members
$100 for non-SHRM members

18-Month Membership (2014)

July 1 — December 31

$140 for a SHRM member
$150 for non-SHRM members

Note: Individuals wishing to join for the current year between 10/1 and 11/30 pay $8 for each applicable month, in addition to annual dues.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Professional network of human resources professionals in the local metro area
  • Monthly meetings and technical sessions with a variety of topics addressed by facilitators, as identified through member feedback on current issues and needs
  • Member directory: Published annually as a resource to connect with other human resource professionals. Online directory available for members only
  • Weekly broadcast e-mails with organization news and opportunities
  • Career Center: Employers can post job openings and job seekers can post resumes
  • LinkedIn: Members can post questions and comments related to the HR profession and their HR work. Serves as virtual networking
  • Scholarship programs
  • Volunteer opportunities: Impact the HR field as a HRAM volunteer
  • Annual wage/salary and benefits survey published annually (member/participant reduced pricing)
  • Resume Critiquing & Career Transition/Development Workshops
  • Professional Development and Certification Prep Course for PHR/SPHR
  • WorldatWork Partnership.

Are HRAM memberships based on the individual or company?

HRAM memberships are based on the individual. There are no corporate or institutional memberships. 

Can my HRAM membership be transferred to another individual?

HRAM memberships non-transferable. 

What types of memberships are available?

REGULAR: (1) As a practitioner in any of the various functional areas within HR management, including but not limited to, compensation, benefits, employment, employee or organizational development, employee relations and management practices, workers' compensation, human resource information systems, safety, and employee assistance program (EAP), but not including those exclusively providing administrative services to these functional areas; or (2) as a university or college faculty member responsible for instructing students in HR management or serving as advisor to a Student SHRM Chapter, or (3) the applicant is a Professional or General Member of SHRM (Certain membership exclusions may apply.) 

ASSOCIATE: Individuals in non-exempt human resource positions as well as those who do not meet any of the regular membership categories but have a bona fide interest in HR management based on the following parameters: (1) the applicant must spend at least fifty percent (50%) of the job performing an HR function, or have done so within the past six months; or (2) the applicant is an Associate Member of SHRM. Associate members may not hold office in HRAM. (Certain membership exclusions may apply.) 

STUDENT: Any member of a SHRM student chapter is eligible. Full-time students with an emphasis in human resources at colleges without a SHRM student chapter may be considered. Membership dues for SHRM student chapter members are the same as for Regular or Associate members. 

RETIREE: Individuals who are current members and who are retiring from active, full-time employment based on the following parameters: (1) the individual belonged to HRAM for the previous five years; and (2) the individual is not excluded under the membership exclusions. 

LIFETIME: Past Presidents become Lifetime members upon completion of their term(s). Upon application, a Lifetime member shall have the privileges of a Regular membership. Dues will be waived but the member will need to pay for costs associated with attending meetings, etc. 

Are there any criteria which may exclude me from membership?

Applicants who are engaged in the following categories of employment, shall not be eligible for membership or continued membership in HRAM unless the applicant is a Professional Member of SHRM:

  • Manager (Branch, Regional, or District level) or Owner of executive search firms, temporary or permanent employment agencies;
  • Manager (Branch, Regional, or District level) or Owner of vendors to the HR field; or
  • Manager (Branch, Regional, or District level) or Owner or Partner of organizations providing consultative services in employment law, compensation, outplacement, benefits, employee assistance, training and other areas commonly considered to be within HR management.

Do I need to be a member of SHRM in order to join HRAM?

Even though HRAM is the local chapter of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), membership in SHRM is optional for most HRAM members. However, we strongly encourage all HRAM members to join SHRM because of the many benefits and resources available to them as a SHRM member. If you are a current HRAM member and wish to join SHRM, you can receive a reduced fee for your first year of membership by indicating you belong to HRAM Chapter #0019 when you submit your membership application to SHRM, or you can join online at

If I am a member of SHRM or a SHRM Student Chapter member, does that mean I am also a member of HRAM?

In both instances you are eligible for membership in HRAM, but you must submit a membership application and pay the appropriate dues to HRAM. If you are a member of a SHRM Student Chapter, contact our Student Chapter Development Committee Chairperson(s) for what HRAM offers to SHRM Student Chapter members. 

As a new member, how long does it take to process my HRAM membership? 

Allow about two weeks to process your membership at which time you will begin receiving weekly broadcast e-mails (if you opt-in) and meeting registration forms (if you opt-in).

I want to get involved in HRAM. How do I go about accomplishing this?

HRAM would not be the professional association it is today without the dedication of its volunteers. If you would like to serve on one of the committees, indicate your committee preference on your membership application. Your name will then be passed on to the appropriate committee chairperson and you will be contacted. If you have questions about any of the committees, we encourage you to visit our Committees website page and read the information about our various committees, or contact any committee chairperson directly. 

We also encourage you to attend a New Member Orientation. Orientations are held several times a year. The next Orientation session can be found on HRAM's website calendar. If you are a renewing member, make sure you indicate your committee preferences each year. If your renewal form is returned without a committee designated, you will not be assigned to any committee. 

Whom do I contact if I have questions or need to update my HRAM membership information? 

Any questions can be directed to the HRAM office at 402-932-1007. To update your HRAM membership information you may log into your HRAM account at any time.

Upcoming Events

02.22 - HRAM Happy Hour - Feb 2018
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03.07 - Govt Affairs March Session 2018
8:00 am - 9:30 am
03.08 - FAMA March Program 2018
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